Enhance Your Leadership and Boost Business Growth with Expert Coaching Services

Coaching is fundamentally about forward momentum and a future-oriented mindset. The crux of the coaching relationship lies in action, accountability, and follow through. As a leader, it’s not enough to simply envision a future for your business.  If you want to boost business growth, you must also take concrete steps toward realizing that vision.  A coach can guide you in formulating action plans, holding you accountable for your progress, and ensuring that you follow through with your commitments. The emphasis is always on moving forward, on growth, and on achieving the best possible outcomes for your business. At Carbo Coaching, we align our coaching approach to this philosophy, supporting and guiding you every step of the way as you stride confidently into your business’s future.

When we understand the impact of the individual within an organization, we can transform teams and produce unprecedented results.




Everything that we deliver to our clients is filtered through a unique approach to coaching called Ontology; the study of being (human). This technique allows our coaches and clients to learn, and fully understand, how every person directly impacts every perspective, relationship, and decision within an organization.

When we understand the impact of the individual within an organization, we can transform teams and produce unprecedented results.


Ontology is the philosophical study of the nature of being, becoming, existence, or reality. It is part of the major branch of philosophy known as metaphysics. Ontology deals with questions about what things exist or can be said to exist, and how such entities can be grouped according to similarities and differences.

Ontology directly deals with our perceptions and attitudes, many of which may be deep seated and out of awareness. Coaching utlizing Ontology encourages a change in these perceptions and attitudes, resulting in the removal of barriers that affect learning and development, helping individuals form more effective patterns of communication and behaviour.

Ontological Coaching provides individuals with a healthier approach to living and working well, putting them on the path to life of deep satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment.  This will boost business growth for leaders of business’s large and small.



When we use the term coaching, we are referring to partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to accomplish goals and maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching is forward moving and future focused. The emphasis in the Coaching relationship is on action, accountability and follow through. In the coaching relationship, the client is related to as the expert.

Ontological Coaching

Are you seeking to understand and transform your leadership and team performance? Ontological coaching is the key. It delves deep into our ways of being and interacting in the world, helping identify the limiting beliefs, associations, or patterns of behavior.  All things that could be hindering your professional progress or stalling your business’s growth. At Carbo Coaching, we offer Ontological Coaching, focusing on your way of being, thinking, and doing. This in turn affects your actions, interactions, and overall business performance. By working on these fundamental aspects, we can help you break away from self-limiting beliefs and patterns.  You can step confidently towards higher levels of leadership effectiveness and business success. Embark on this transformative journey with Carbo Coaching and unlock your true potential.

Facilitative Coaching

Are you searching for a method to enhance planning, action, accountability, review, adjustment, and follow-through within your projects? Facilitative Coaching is a great solution. This coaching style is project-oriented, aimed at fostering a structure that encourages growth and learning through the stages of a project within the coaching relationship. The focus is not just on the project’s successful completion, but also on the journey – honing leadership skills, fostering team collaboration and driving strategic thinking. At Carbo Coaching, we offer Facilitative Coaching, providing a supportive environment that nurtures these skills.  We will guide you and your team through your projects from inception to completion. With Facilitative Coaching, you can ensure that your projects are executed efficiently and that they serve as enriching learning experiences for all team members. Embark on this empowering journey with Carbo Coaching today.


Boost Business Growth with Keynotes, Training, and Educational Seminars

Empower your team with knowledge, strategies, and actionable insights. At Carbo Coaching, we offer a range of keynotes, trainings, and educational seminars.  These are designed to elevate personal and team leadership, enhance human performance, boost business growth, team effectiveness, and increase employee engagement.

Our sessions cover a variety of topics, from strategies for Creating Thriving Cultures to identifying ways to boost Productivity. Each seminar is tailored to address your unique business needs and goals, providing your team with the tools necessary to excel. Our aim is to foster a growth-oriented environment that motivates your team to perform at their best.

Embrace the commitment to growth and development. Let Carbo Coaching guide you in your journey to excellence, fostering a culture that supports progression, fosters collaboration, and drives success. With Carbo Coaching by your side, you are investing in the brighter future of your business and team.


Equitable Consulting Solutions for Blue Collar Businesses

Why should white collar businesses be the only ones to benefit from professional consulting? The challenges and needs of blue collar businesses are no less significant, and yet, they often remain overlooked. At Carbo Coaching, we’re here to change that narrative. Our team of professionals understand the unique challenges faced by blue collar businesses.  The physical labor, safety risks, and the need for practical skills are all imperative to success. We are committed to providing tailored services that not only address these unique challenges but also empower blue collar workers to harness their potential and drive business growth.

By incorporating hands-on skills training, safety education, and team-building exercises, we help create a supportive, high-performance culture within your business. With Carbo Coaching, blue collar businesses now have a partner who understands their needs and is dedicated to their success. Utilize our consulting services to bridge the gap and foster a more inclusive, equitable work environment, where everyone—regardless of collar color—has the equal opportunity to learn, grow, and excel.


• Keynotes, trainings, and educational seminars on personal leadership, team leadership, human performance, team effectiveness, employee engagement, creating thriving cultures, productivity
• As coaches we listen and speak through a thought provoking perspective enhancing the speaking experience for the client.