4 Major Advantages of Continuing Your Education


In the current economy, investing in the continuation of your education is more important than ever. The job market has become notoriously competitive, and improving your skills is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition.


Now, what does continuing your education really mean? Generally, it refers to any post-secondary courses you can pursue after formal education. This can be anything from seminars to online courses. Plenty of professions also require you to get an advanced degree to prepare yourself for new opportunities.


Not sure whether continued education is worth it? Here are four key reasons why you should consider pursuing it.


  1. Increased Salary


What’s the biggest motivation for people to seek out new training or certifications? As the great Laurence Olivier once said, “Money, dear boy.”


It’s easy to see why this is a viable strategy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that earning potential has a strong correlation with educational attainment. The more education you have, the more likely you are to earn a decent paycheck. This is particularly true if you’re self-employed, as having more skills means you won’t have to outsource as much.


  1. Easier Career Transition


Looking to step into a new career field? If so, your first step will likely be to gain an education that qualifies you for this new path.


Many professions have strict license or degree requirements, from nurses to accountants. Other professions require you to have specific training to ensure you’ll keep up with the changes in your industry. Without this education, your chances of succeeding at your position will be much lower, if not outright impossible.


3, Better Networking


Most continuing education opportunities out there give you a chance to meet new people. This is a great way to find a partner who may help you grow your business.


These opportunities are most often found in programs that involve learning and networking at the same time. Think study groups, special conferences, membership societies, and so on. Even an online course can be a good networking opportunity, as there are plenty of groups or forums you can join to work together on projects.


  1. Personal Development


Even if you’re happy with your current job and salary, continuing education may be worth your time. Why? Simple: it’s a huge factor in increasing your personal development.


Researchers agree that learning is best viewed as a lifelong process. Essentially, by devoting your time to continued education, you’re becoming a better person. This is true whether you want some new skills to take to work or to learn more about subjects you find interesting. Any way you look at it, pursuit of education comes with big advantages.