How to Recognize and Seize Your Opportunities


Being ready to jump on an opportunity is great, but first you have to recognize it. In life, some opportunities are obvious and will present themselves to you unprompted. Other opportunities are hidden. How do you find them? Read on to find out!

Generating Sparks

Imagine a matchbook. When the matchbook is in working order, every match inside it can generate sparks and create flames. You don’t see the sparks when you look at the matchbook, but you understand the potential for sparks because that’s how matches work. You know that all it takes to create sparks is to strike the match on the right surface.

Every person and every situation you encounter in life is like that matchbook. They contain the potential for sparks, and you can generate them through your actions. Dismissing an experience as useless is like looking at a matchbook and thinking it’s devoid of sparks. Everything in this world contains some value. It’s up to you to find those hidden sparks or opportunities.

Looking for Opportunities

Looking for examples? If so, here are some common places where opportunities may hide.

Meetings: Even if you’re done with your formal education, the school of life goes on. When you meet other people, always keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities. Maybe you’ll find out that someone needs help with something. Maybe someone mentions a situation that opens a new door for you. Look for ways to be of service in every interaction.

Work: Your job is how you earn a living, but it can be more than that. The place you work, the people you work with, and the actual work are all rife with opportunity. How can your work teach you to be a better person? Is there anyone at work you don’t know but want to reach out to? Can you use your work as a way to fulfill your purpose in life?

Challenges: If you think your challenges aren’t offering any opportunities, change your perspective. Ask yourself: what skills have you learned to deal with your setbacks? Have your challenges introduced you to new people or taken you to new places? What have your challenges taught you? What good did overcoming a challenge do?

Random encounters: Even random encounters have a purpose. Every encounter offers you an opportunity to be helpful or kind or to refine your emotional attributes. When you travel, keep yourself open to spontaneous encounters that can change your life.