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At Carbo Coaching we appreciate your hard work, integrity, and continuous improvement. We’re here to help you channel these virtues into effective leadership.

Our Vision as Business Coaches:

Infinite power and prosperity for every single member of the blue-collar workforce.

We recognize the importance of people—their growth, their experiences, and their loyalty. Our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions to each individual’s goals, and empower you to drive your business towards sustainable growth.

Founders Mick and Tara Carbo understand the roller coaster ride of thoughts and emotions that come with navigating the business landscape. But you don’t have to do it alone. Our seasoned team is ready to assist you in addressing your concerns, maximizing profit, and instilling a sense of happiness and loyalty within your team.

Browse around and uncover more about what we offer. Learn more about our coaching services, gain insight for free by reading our blogs, watching our videos, and reviewing success stories from business owners like Rob Schruefer, who increased his revenue by 200% and built a team of 21 to 120 in just two years with support from Carbo Coaching.

3 Easy Steps To An Engaged, Motivated Workforce

Get a Plan

Work with Carbo to create a customized, measurable plan.


We work directly with you and your team to execute the plan.


Proudly watch your team produce up to 22% more profits.

We get it. You need a workforce as engaged in your mission as you are!

Carbo Coaching | Mick and Tara Carbo
  •  We think it’s wrong for blue collar businesses to leave money on the table just because their employees don’t take ownership of producing the results their leaders expect of them. As a business coach experienced in working with the blue collar industry, we know how to supercharge worker productivity.
  • Carbo Coaching has over two decades of entrepreneurial experience leading highly productive teams. We’re Professional Certified Coaches through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In fact, we coach other coaches, spending over 3,300 hours training other coaches to do the same work we do.
  • Our first business was a flooring company, and we’ve transformed dozens of blue collar leaders and their teams. We understand the importance of quality, customized leadership training.



Business Coach & Leadership Training Services

On The Spot Auto Detailing: A SUCCESS STORY

Located in Howard County, Maryland, in the heart of the Baltimore-Washington DC market, On The Spot Auto Detailing was positioned for growth but needed the services of a qualified, blue collar business coach to take them there.

Enter Mick Carbo, president of Carbo Coaching.

Mick helped On the Spot Detailing owner, Rob Schruefer streamline his business operations, motivate his workforce, hire a qualified top level executive and grow his annual revenue from 1.1 million to 3.6 million dollars.

Industry FOCUS

Why should white collar businesses be the only ones to benefit from professional coaching? At Carbo, our team of professional coaches understand the blue collar worker and the unique challenges faced by blue collar industries like:

Home Building
Home Remodeling

Rigging & Scaffolding
Law Enforcement
Aircraft Mechanics


Food Processing
Pest Control